FOSTER CARE Q&A – adoption? the hardest part? saying no?

    This month marks two year since we started the process to be approved to be a foster family.

    It’s crazy how much life has changed and the number of kids in our home has gone up and down since then!

    And now we are approaching the time in the lives of our current foster kids where they have almost been in our home for as long as the time before they were in our home.


    Foster Care Q & A - the hardest part of fostering? adoption? saying no?


    I want to continue to use this blog to raise awareness for foster care and adoption and I’m branching out to include YouTube in this as well.

    I may be that weird person with three YouTube channels because I can’t just focus on one thing.

    Today I wanted to tackle some common foster care questions I get asked.

    If you have questions for a future foster care or adoption Q & A, let me know!


    Foster Care Q & A - the hardest part of fostering? adoption? saying no?


    You can check out our foster care timeline here and all the foster care blog posts here.




    Why We Changed Our Foster Care Range of Acceptance (and what we changed it to)

    While Buzz and Woody were still with us we knew we were going to change our range of acceptance for our next placement.

    Their social worker constantly raved about how well they were doing and how good our home was for them but the truth is, it wasn’t the best for our family.

    The three and a half months they were in our home wore on all four of us and our family as a whole. A lot of that we felt and were aware of and some of it we didn’t even realize until they were gone.

    I know God knew exactly what He was doing by putting those two boys in our home for that time. If for nothing else it definitely reminded us that we are not doing this because we are good at it, but rather because we know there is a need.

    Ten minutes after the phone call where they said Buzz and Woody were going to get picked up in a few hours we got a placement call for another two and three year old. Yes, the boys were still in our home and they were calling with another placement.

    Just a reminder how much our province needs more foster homes, especially ones that are willing to take multiples.


    Why We Changed Our Foster Care Range of Acceptance


    I felt, and still do feel, bad for saying no to that placement. One paper the siblings looked nearly identical to Buzz and Woody but with more needs.

    It wasn’t something our family was ready to go back into.

    As soon as Buzz and Woody left, like half an hour after, we realized that Ephraim’s goofy personality had been suppressed for the last three months and we hadn’t even realized it, or at least not the extent of it, until it started coming back. It was a good sign that we wanted to have more space between Ephraim’s age and the age of the oldest foster child we accepted into our home.

    Our homeschool has definitely looked different in the last few months than I had intended. I would say it “suffered” but the kids did do lots of learning, just not what I had planned out. It’s fine to go off course for a bit but to do that indefinitely isn’t possible. For the first time I really started to consider sending them to school because I didn’t feel like I could both foster and homeschool at the same time.

    So, for all of these reasons, and more, we knew we needed to make some changes if we were going to continue to foster.

    Did we want to continue? Yes and no.

    Either way, we didn’t feel like we were supposed to be done yet.

    So, we said no to the sibling set and said we would take one child, under 18 months.

    And, in true social services fashion they approached us with a child who was 17.5 months old. 😂

    We haven’t even had quite a week yet with him but so far the first almost-a-week has been a much better adjustment for our entire family.

    I don’t know where we will go from here. We may wait until we feel adjusted and then open up our home to another child. We may wait until he leaves and be open to two kids next time, we may be done after this . . .

    Seriously, only God knows, I won’t even pretend to have a clue.


    And Just Like That, They’re Gone

    Yesterday morning Buzz and Woody’s social worker phoned and started out the conversation “Sometimes the Ministry does things strange . . .” and then proceeded to tell us she would be picking them up in a few hours to reunite them with their birth family.

    That call was not expected.

    Earlier in the week we were told that the birth family had just made an effort to start the reunification process and the social worker said she wanted to take things slowly, with day visits and then overnights but she’d let us know more information at the end of the week.

    Well, that information resulted in us saying goodbye immediately, with no transition.

    Because we have been able to meet their birth family a bit in the last few months I feel more excited for them than sad for us but the last 24 hours have been quite the change in our house. I keep tiptoeing around because it feels like the boys are just napping, but then I remember that they’re gone.

    Within ten minutes of getting off the phone with the social worker with the information that they were going home we got a call for another placement for another sibling set, young kids who have been living in a group home for a few months because there aren’t families to take them in.

    Our province so desperately needs more families to step up and be willing to take children in.

    Just two weeks ago I was saying I didn’t know if we would continue to foster after they moved on but I can say that right now it does feel like we are supposed to continue, though we may make some changes in our range of acceptance.

    As of right now we are taking a few days as a family to adjust to the transition, spend some time together and pray about where to go from here.

    I would love it if you would pray for our family during this transition and while we figure out where to go from here. I would also love it if you would spend some time in prayer, asking God if He desires your family to open your home to children in foster care. I can tell you, it doesn’t take special people to foster, but it does take a big God.


    Honest Thoughts Three Months Into Fostering

    An alternate title I had for this post was: What Have We Gotten Into?

    We are just three months into our fostering journey and I wanted to write a post with some random, honest thoughts, similar to the one I wrote after the first month.

    I don’t know what the average length of placement is for fostering here but I would be curious to know. We’ve just had the one placement (Buzz & Woody) for the last three months (with no end in sight). I know some people who have had much longer placements and some much shorter.


    Three Months Into Fostering: The Good and the Hard





    A few weeks into this a friend mentioned something to the extent about how fostering was easy for me because I was a “natural mother”. That could not be further from the truth.

    Let me just say this right now: We know that God did not call us into fostering because it go with how He made us. It feels like quite the opposite really.

    Neither Jared nor I are natural parents.

    Fostering has been a major stretch our of our comfort zones and natural abilities.

    (If we can do this, anyone can!)



    I mean, I knew it would be hard but I thought because God was obviously calling us to it that it would at least not be incredibly, incredibly hard.

    It turns out it’s incredibly, incredibly hard.

    I realize not everyone will have this experience, especially if you are one who is a natural parent, but it’s been my experience.

    It turns out living a life poured out is harder than just talking/thinking about it.


    Thoughts on Fostering



    The major one is selfishness. I’ve got it bad. I thought I had gotten better in that area, it turns out my kids were just at an age that it made my selfishness not as noticeable. Throw a toddler and preschooler in the mix and my selfishness shows itself pretty quickly.



    I definitely feel like I have been used my time more efficiently and at the same time doing a better job with resting. When it’s nap time I make a point of relaxing and recharging instead of always feeling like I always need to be productive.

    As a result I’ve definitely read a lot more (at least in January, but that can also be a result of the colder weather as well).


    Thoughts on Fostering



    This has probably been one of the main things I have seen, the last few months my kids have become so much less selfish (how are they learning lessons I can’t seem to learn?). It’s not always easy for them but I can see it is good for them (is that what God is thinking when He watches me?).



    Their social worker is kind of speechless at their improvement in the last three months. Issues that they apparently had before have been non-existent at our house. Buzz came only speaking 10-ish words and now he’s probably up to 100+ and speaks in multi-word sentences.


    Thoughts on Fostering



    This is something I have really noticed, when we adopted Ephraim he instantly felt like ours, we haven’t had that with fostering so far. I know some friends have and it makes me feel like I am doing something wrong. I don’t know if it’s because we know that their birth family does want them back (even though they aren’t making an effort) and it’s a defense mechanism but it is what it is.



    All in all, I’m not sure if we will continue to foster whenever it is that Buzz & Woody leave our care. First of all, we have no idea if that will be next month or in three years or never, but assuming they eventually leave I don’t know how I feel about continuing (at this point). If we do we will more than likely just take one child to start and then maybe once we feel settled with that one add in another. Jumping in with two has been pretty much completely overwhelming.


    Thoughts on Fostering



    As a work-at-home, homeschooling, fostering parent it definitely feels like I never really get any time away from kids. And the chances of going on a date with Jared are even slimmer. We did plan on having a date a few weeks ago while the boys had a family visit but the family never showed, so our date included two little boys . . .

    I’ve never been a “weekly date” person but it definitely feels more necessary in this season and it’s just not possible as social services has a lot of rules of who can watch the kids and where and we don’t have very many people who are willing to do so.



    Even though it’s been hard I do feel like God has called us to show His love to these boys as well as their birth family. I know He has a plan in this and know that He has called us to this for at least the length these boys are in need of care.


    There we go, just some honest thoughts three months into fostering.

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    The Christmas That Was

    Yeah, so that’s a pretty pathetic title but this Christmas is kind of the Christmas that was. There was a lot of sickness, overwhelm and exhaustion, it definitely wasn’t as exciting and restful as I had hoped.



    + Ephraim finished his medication for pneumonia just in time to celebrate Christmas.

    + we celebrated our immediate family Christmas on Christmas Eve and there were some awesome reactions from kids when they opened their presents, I’m glad I got it on video.

    + speaking of video, I intentionally filmed a number of different scenes from the week and am putting together a little Christmas week video. It’s nothing I will be sharing online but I think it will be nice to have to look back on in years to come. (Starting one of my 2020 goals early!)

    + unfortunately I felt under the weather on Christmas Eve and it just didn’t go away. Finally on Friday (the 27th) I went to the doctor and got some medication for bronchitis.

    + on Christmas Day we celebrated with my parents and brother, my Mom always has so many Pinterest Worthy things, this year she had the kids’ gifts set up like snowmen:



    + on Boxing Day we celebrated with Jared’s family. Unfortunately Raeca had sporadic fevers all Christmas Day and Boxing Day so she didn’t enjoy herself quite as much as we would have liked.

    + five years ago we were celebrating our first Christmas with Ephraim and I didn’t feel that sense of loss for another person like I do this year, as we celebrated with Buzz and Woody I thought a lot about their birth family not being able to celebrate with them.

    + I woke up at 4 this morning thanks to my bronchitis cough. Unfortunately, I seemed to have woken Buzz and even after I got my cough under control he still wouldn’t fall back asleep so I’ve been feeling extra worn down today.

    + this morning we had baptism at church and one of Raeca’s best friends got baptized which was so awesome to see. Rae has been asking to be baptized for a couple of years already, it’s hard as a parent to know when to let them. I grew up in a church where people didn’t get baptized until they were at least 16, I don’t know if there was a rule or not but people usually got baptized around the time they graduated from high school. I was not thinking about baptism at all when I was nine so this is new territory for me. I know she doesn’t have to be a perfect person before being baptized but I had been waiting to see a little more fruit before saying yes and I feel like I have really seen evidence of that fruit the last couple of months so I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up getting baptized this year.

    + I finished my Bible reading plan early, which means I read the entire Bible in 85 days! I ended up finding a schedule on YouVersion that I followed but it was kind of a terrible plan, it often said to read all of a chapter except the last few verses and then would have those verses for the next day, I don’t know why it wouldn’t have just put the whole chapter on the day. It was weird that way. But if you want to read the Bible in 90 days like was my original goal you just need to average 14 chapters a day. This was my first time ever reading through the entire Bible and so it’s a big accomplishment. I enjoyed reading through it so quickly but it was quite a daily time commitment. For 2020 I think I’ll try to read through again but at a slower pace this time.



    Buzz was listing the Paw Patrol pups: “Rubble . . . Zuma . . . Mima . . .”
    (Mima is what the kids call my mom. 😂)


    Can this next week be a week where no one is sick?

    Sorry for the downer tone of this post! How was your Christmas?

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    Sickness Invades Our House Once Again & Merry Christmas!

    We just don’t seem to be able to banish sickness from our house, it’s been one thing after another and this week brought even more sickness to our home.



    + Monday was our thirteenth anniversary! Jared’s mom came over and watched the kids for the afternoon while we went out. We had a very romantic date of buying new glasses at Costco and shopping for stocking stuffers at Dollarama. Honestly though, it was just nice to get out of the house without kids. Unfortunately Jared was sick so it date ended earlier than we planned.

    + a random thing to note: you know how almost-two-year-olds like to “help” vacuum and then you are stuck in the world’s slowest vacuuming? Well, I figured out a trick for our little guy: if I hold his hand with my non-vacuuming hand he still thinks he’s helping and I can get the job done in a normal amount of time.

    + we bought eggnog! Non-dairy coconut eggnog that is. I hadn’t had any since childhood and I don’t even think I really liked it as a child though my Dad did/maybe still does, so the idea of eggnog makes me feel Christmas-y. Surprisingly coconut eggnog rates exactly like I remember the dairy eggnog tasting.

    + I made a white chocolate crunch recipe (white chocolate chips, cereal, slivered almonds and almond extract) I haven’t made since before Jared was diagnosed with celiac (so, over six years), I just replaced the Golden Graham’s with Chex and I was good to go, it was exciting to have it again.

    + we had a family paper snowflake making evening, just going for all the Christmas feels this week.


    paper snowflakes


    + this week included a bit of regression for Buzz and Woody. For about half the week falling asleep was a real issue for Woody, for some reason he was back to his crying forever before bed (and naps), I ended up rocking him to sleep multiple times (and writing most of this post on my phone in the process). For Buzz the week included some bed wetting which he doesn’t normally do. Unfortunately the combination meant less sleep at the beginning of the night and waking up early in the mornings.

    + there were a few stressful days this week and I may have done some online stress shipping. I placed an order from Book Outlet and I can’t wait for them to arrive!

    + my letter boards have been sorely neglected and I kept noticing them and wondering when I would have the chance to change them and then it hit me: get the kids to do it! Raeca and Ephraim each took a board and a few minutes later we had two Christmas themed boards. It not only helped me out it was a great activity for my fourth-grade-thinks-English-is-terrible-because-so-many-words-don’t-follow-the-rules-and-therefore-she’s-a-terrible-speller and my first-grade-not-quite-a-fluent-reader-yet.

    + on Saturday Ephraim’s cough progressed so Jared took him to the doctor, turns out he has pneumonia. We attempted to go to a family gathering for supper but Ephraim didn’t last long before he needed to go home and rest.

    + Sunday Ephraim was doing a lot better and we managed to go to church and another family gathering for lunch. The rest of the day was spent with the kids playing with their first Christmas presents and some relaxing. Oh, and a re-watching of Home Alone.



    + WATCHING +

    + Would I Lie to You?: this is one of my favorite, laugh out loud shows. Though there is also a lot of “I did not understand that” moments due to English accents and phrases I don’t understand.

    + all the Christmas movies: Mickey Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street and Home Alone.



    + Raeca: Talking about my childhood: “Cars were invented then, right?”
    Guess who just became my last favorite child. (Sarcasm, but really?!?! How old does she think I am?!?!)

    + As I was writing a blog post Ephraim says: “What are you writing about right now, Netflix built into a TV?”
    Uh . . . no.


    Christmas is this week! I am looking forward to celebrating the birth of our King with my family, and also the antibiotics kicking in so Ephraim gets better soon.

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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    Unexpected Thanking, Funny Quotes & Christmas Choir

    I feel like these weekly reviews are getting later and later. Ideally I would like to write them on Sunday, usually it’s been Monday and this week it is Tuesday. Oh well, maybe next week.



    + I went to the doctor on Monday to follow up on my infected arm from last week and it was pretty much back to normal! Now there is just a sore that needs to heal but there was no more pus and my arm was no longer swollen.

    + Buzz and Woody had another visit this week and as we were loading the boys back into the van she thanked us for watching her boys while she couldn’t. ❤️ I don’t know what I was expecting when it came to birth parent interactions but we have really had the best case scenario.

    + Wednesday marked seven weeks with Buzz and Woody and it was also the first day I didn’t feel completely overwhelmed and anxious in seven weeks.

    + Woody was really clingy to me this week. It was the first time he really preferred me, previously he would go to anyone who would hold him and this week he refused other people in order for me to hold him. It’s a really good sign but man, is it tiring!

    + Raeca and I went shopping one evening this week. All of a sudden I realized she had pretty much grown out of all her clothes so we desperately needed to do some shopping. We just went to Walmart and got her a shirt to wear as pajama shirt, two long sleeve shirts and two pairs of leggings for around $30. I know Walmart is not the best place to shop but I really can’t justify spending $30 on one shirt at some other stores for clothes she is going to grow out of so fast.


    Week in Review


    + I feel like my social media fast is going really well. The only thing I have missed so far is reading the Strange Planet comics each day, on the bright side I am going to have a lot to catch up on in January.

    + Ephraim was sick with a cold and intermittent fevers this weekend. He always gets a bad cough when he gets one, thankfully he hasn’t had tonsillitis this year yet (and no seizures with the fevers), I’m hoping he’s grown out of that. As a result I went to church with Raeca and Woody (I left Buzz behind because I couldn’t deal with both boys in church without Jared and Buzz was the easier one to leave behind).

    + Sunday night Raeca and I went to watch/listen to a Christmas choir which both my Mom and Jared’s Mom and sister were in. It felt easy to just have Rae along and not be chasing boys down.




    Ephraim to Buzz: “Can you stop following me everywhere?!”

    Too funny because Ephraim has a tendency to do the very same thing to other people! Ephraim has an Ephraim!


    Me: “Buzz, can you say ‘pirate’?”
    Buzz: *nods* “Whup-bunny.”

    Nailed it.


    Only one more week in review before Christmas! Yikes!

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    The Week in Review – Volume Six

    We are in full on Christmas mode here, glittery crafts and all!

    That being said, the Christmas season doesn’t feel like it did as a child (that magical feeling), does it ever feel like that as an adult?



    + I was right last week, we were hit with fevers for a few days this week, it went from Rae to Buzz. They were pretty intense fevers where the child was left with zero energy, so much so that they didn’t even want to watch TV, you know your child is sick when that happens!

    + Buzz and Woody’s worker finally came for her first visit since dropping them off six weeks before. It was good to get an idea of where things are at, it looks like this is going to be a long term placement as there has been no effort on the birth family’s part to get them back. It’s really sad but it’s also nice to have a bit of an idea of what is going on.

    + my overall state this week once again felt overwhelmed. That has been the story of my life for the last month and a half and it’s getting a little old.

    + on a brighter note, I am a week into my social media fast and have been really enjoying it.

    + We watched the Christmas classic we’ve all been waiting for: Home Alone! (The first one, we’ll watch the second soon.) What are some of your favorite Christmas movies?

    + I got a decent amount of reading in this week; I think that’s thanks to the social media fast, sitting beside feverish kids and sitting in the waiting room (for myself – see the next point).


    Week in Review


    + I spent a lot of time this week dealing with a weird infection on my arm. It started last Friday, I didn’t notice a cut or anything until it was infected, I had a decent sized bump and my arm below my elbow was all getting swollen. I went to the walk-in clinic Monday and the doctor gave me antibiotics (four pills a day), Tuesday it was just getting worse so I went to a different walk-in clinic and saw a different doctor so he gave me even more antibiotics that worked on top of the ones I was already taking (another four pills a day so that’s up to eight pills a day) and he told me to come back on Thursday. I went in Thursday morning and my arm was even more swollen and the infection site was even bigger. He froze my arm in a few places and made a cut and then squeezed and a bunch of blood and pus came pouring out, plus he got a gob of hard pus out. It was gross, I started getting a little weak while watching and had to look away (oh, and Woody was sitting on my lap for the whole thing).The doctor told me to come back on Friday which I did, he then got even more pus out and told me to put a new bandage on on Saturday and come back on Monday. Saturday when I changed the bandage it was looking a lot better already. It was a crazy thing though, it reminded me of something from a history book that happened two hundred years ago, not the type of thing that happens these days.

    + between the kids’ fevers and my swollen/infected arm I didn’t even start my Advent Scripture Writing Challenge or do the Advent readings I had hoped to do with the kids. We went to the Dollarama on Saturday (the SEVENTH!) and got the kids cheap little chocolate calendars. Yup, that is pretty much life these days. Oh the bright side, they get to eat two chocolates a day for the first week.

    + the other week I was telling Jared how overwhelmed I felt most of the time and I said that the next time we get a foster care placement I would like to request that we just get one child and less than five minutes later my friend texted and asked if we would watch her five kids on Friday. It was like God saying, “Think you have more than you can handle? Here’s more.” Which also made me feel like okay, maybe we are exactly where He wants us to be. So, we watched the five additional kids on Friday and managed to keep all nine alive!


    How was your week? Anything going on in the world that I’ve missed in my first week of my social media fast?

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    The Week in Review – Volume Five

    This was not an easy week.

    At 6:00 Saturday morning a child woke up soaked in pee, while I was bathing said child another child plopped outside the bathroom door complaining of a headache/fever, that feeling of overwhelm when you have two kids that need you to do two different things at the same time pretty much sums up how I felt this entire week.

    Also, the month ended and I didn’t finish sharing all my adoption awareness posts, I’ll continue sharing them every now and then even though the official adoption awareness month is over.



    + while last week was unusually warm, this week we got a bunch of snow and it looks like winter out there again (as it should at this time of year). I enjoyed curling up with a blanket in front of the fireplace after the kids were in bed.

    + Buzz and Woody’s social worker was supposed to come check on them for the first time on Wednesday but she never showed (or sent a message). I only heard from her the next day after I emailed her.  I had thought about foster care for years and what always kept me away was how broken the system was. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I realized it’s not the kids’ fault the system is broken, we’re in this for them.

    + speaking about Buzz and Woody, they had another visit this week and have another one planned for next week!


    What We've Been Reading in Our Home and Homeschool Lately


    + my main read for the week was Tramp for the Lord, it was so incredibly fitting for this season of life. If you want to see what else I read in November you can check it out here.

    + Thursday evening Jared and I officially finished our last foster care training! *insert happy dance* The training was on FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) and it was incredibly informative. I learned a lot.

    + also on Thursday I had my last women’s Bible study, I loved the study these last two months and am sad it is over. Unfortunately this week’s Bible study wasn’t quite as relaxing as normal as Buzz peed himself in the middle of it so I had to go get him clean clothes from the van . . . pee seems to be one of the major themes for this week. #yayparenting

    + Saturday was mostly spent trying to get Raeca comfortable as she had the highest fever she’s ever had. We were supposed to go to a foster care Christmas party that night but she was down and neither Jared nor I wanted to go alone with the three boys.



    + Ephraim went to a friend’s house one afternoon and the friend’s mom texted me this conversation:

    Friend: “You’ll never guess what I got for my birthday!”
    Ephraim: “If it’s a real light saber, I’m in! If it’s a super dog that skates, I’m out!”

    Where does he come up with this stuff?!


    That’s another week in the books! While the theme of this last week may have been pee it looks like this coming week’s theme is going to be fevers and honestly, I think I’d rather have the pee.

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    The Week in Review – Volume Four

    This week was mostly good with a few hard moments.

    My highlight was definitely when all six of us sat on the couch and watched The Grinch. It was a reminder that I want to get better at enjoying the daily moments as a parent.




    Adoption Anniversary - Week in Review

    five years!


    + We started out the week last Sunday by marking five years as a legal family of four aka Ephraim’s adoption anniversary. We didn’t really do anything in particular for the day but we did make pizza for supper and my family came over to watch the last half of the football game.


    Week in Review


    + I found these cute notebooks from the dollar store one day. They say they are Rifle Paper Co. notebooks. I’m not 100% sure I believe that but the are cute so I couldn’t leave them behind! I plan on eventually using them for my art journal (even though it’s been a couple of weeks since I made my last page).

    + I had a friend over for coffee Monday morning and while I enjoyed our chat the kids left me feeling frazzled, maybe I’ll try to arrange these things around Woody’s nap for the near-ish future.


    Week in Review


    + I’m still going strong on my Bible in 90 days reading plan! These verses that I underlined made me laugh out loud a little though. Obviously Solomon didn’t have sleepless nights thanks to children . . .

    + On that note though, Buzz and Woody have pretty much been sleeping through the night for almost two weeks now! I think there have been one or two wake ups due to peeing the bed and a couple of nightmares (though those usually happen shortly after they go to bed before I’m in bed yet), it’s been so much better than the first couple of weeks! Thank you to all who prayed for some extra sleep for us!


    Week in Review - The Fellowship of the Ring


    + It may have taken me nine months to read but I finally finished The Fellowship of the Ring! I started reading the last 2/3 of it a week or two ago and enjoyed it a lot more than the first bit, I think the first half-ish was just too slow for my preference. If you are curious about what I’m going to be reading next be sure to sign up for my book-ish newsletter, I’ll be sending out an email later this week.

    + We (well, 4 of us) got the flu shots on Monday and 3/4 of us felt sick for a couple of days after. I’ve had the flu shot multiple years already and this is the first time it affected me like this. It felt like I was starting to get pneumonia again and the first night I couldn’t sleep on my arm at all.


    Week in Review - painting


    + One of our friends painted this amazing canvas for Buzz and Woody! If you are local and are looking for some artwork done, let me know, I’ll get you in touch with him! I think we need to get him to do two more: one for Rae and one for Ephraim but I’m not sure what we should get on theirs yet (any ideas?).

    + On Friday we went to my in-laws place for supper. I love it when we get invited for supper because food always seems to taste better when I don’t have to cook it (or maybe I’m just a terrible cook) and because thinking of what to make for meals is usually the hardest part.


    Week in Review


    + Saturday was abnormally warm (+9C when we are used to around -20C at this time of year!) so we took the kids to the park in the morning. Unfortunately there are a couple of cute photos I got that I can’t show you because Buzz and Woody’s faces are in them . . .

    + Speaking of photos though I am setting a goal for 2020 to get a family photo each month. It doesn’t have to be anything too professional and I know no one (myself included) will enjoy the process but I know I will appreciate the photos over time. I got Jared to snap one of me and the kids when we were done at the park but of course I can’t share it here.

    + Also on Saturday we finally set up our Christmas tree! We usually do it earlier in the month but it got put off a bit this year. We kept up with our tradition of making (and eating) sugar cookies and watching The Grinch once the tree was set up. This is our second year with a pencil tree and while I like the look of it there is hardly any room on it for ornaments (ha, unless you let the three year old decorate, then you can fit a lot in a little space!).



    + “I have to pretend I don’t like Paw Patrol with my friends, even though I do, because I don’t want them to laugh at me. Basically, I have to lie.” – Ephraim (Um, not what I want to teach him but I had to try so hard not to laugh after he said this.)

    + Ephraim sent Jared this text (apparently he needs to learn to add some spacing and also to be able to distinguish “b” from “d”): “Dabieyoowwgrivi. Isbic” Translation: “Daddy, you were driving in the ditch.” Explanation: I was checking where Jared was on his commute home and according to the map he was driving in the middle of a field or in the ditch (it may not always be the most accurate).

    + Buzz learned a few new words this week: Ahm-ber aka Ember (our cat) and doctor. I think there were a couple more but that’s all I remember right now.


    I can’t believe my next week in review will include some dates in December, where has the year gone?!

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