Unexpected Thanking, Funny Quotes & Christmas Choir

    I feel like these weekly reviews are getting later and later. Ideally I would like to write them on Sunday, usually it’s been Monday and this week it is Tuesday. Oh well, maybe next week.   + FROM THE WEEK + + I went to the doctor on Monday to follow up on my infected arm from last week and it was pretty much back to normal! Now there is just a sore that needs to heal but there was no more pus and my arm was no longer swollen. + Buzz and Woody had another visit this week and as we were loading the boys back into the van…

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    The Week in Review – Volume Six

    We are in full on Christmas mode here, glittery crafts and all! That being said, the Christmas season doesn’t feel like it did as a child (that magical feeling), does it ever feel like that as an adult?   + FROM THE WEEK + + I was right last week, we were hit with fevers for a few days this week, it went from Rae to Buzz. They were pretty intense fevers where the child was left with zero energy, so much so that they didn’t even want to watch TV, you know your child is sick when that happens! + Buzz and Woody’s worker finally came for her first…

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    The Week in Review – Volume Five

    This was not an easy week. At 6:00 Saturday morning a child woke up soaked in pee, while I was bathing said child another child plopped outside the bathroom door complaining of a headache/fever, that feeling of overwhelm when you have two kids that need you to do two different things at the same time pretty much sums up how I felt this entire week. Also, the month ended and I didn’t finish sharing all my adoption awareness posts, I’ll continue sharing them every now and then even though the official adoption awareness month is over.   + FROM THE WEEK + + while last week was unusually warm, this…

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    The Week in Review – Volume Four

    This week was mostly good with a few hard moments. My highlight was definitely when all six of us sat on the couch and watched The Grinch. It was a reminder that I want to get better at enjoying the daily moments as a parent.   + FROM THE WEEK +   five years!   + We started out the week last Sunday by marking five years as a legal family of four aka Ephraim’s adoption anniversary. We didn’t really do anything in particular for the day but we did make pizza for supper and my family came over to watch the last half of the football game.    …


    Thoughts and Lessons from Our First Month Fostering

    It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since we welcomed Buzz and Woody into our home! In some ways it feels like way more than a month and in others it feels like it has cruised by. I thought I would share some random thoughts from the month. These thoughts aren’t really organized, I’m just sharing them in the order they come to me.   I bought clothes that were way too small They came with some needs in the clothing department and so we bought some the morning after we got them and I ended up buying a few things that were too small. I didn’t realize the…

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    The Week in Review – Volume Three

    What a week! This one honestly started out really rough. Wednesday I may have been questioning some of my life decisions. Thankfully Woody started (mostly) sleeping through the night after that and that made a world of a difference in my mental and physical state. (Sleeping through the night is much preferred to being awake for hours each night.)   + FROM THE WEEK + + Jared was on worship Sunday morning, Ephraim was sitting with a friend and Raeca and I were left to wrangle Buzz and Woody during the first part of our church service, it was . . . busy, but not terrible. The boys love music…