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Unexpected Thanking, Funny Quotes & Christmas Choir

I feel like these weekly reviews are getting later and later. Ideally I would like to write them on Sunday, usually it’s been Monday and this week it is Tuesday. Oh well, maybe next week.



+ I went to the doctor on Monday to follow up on my infected arm from last week and it was pretty much back to normal! Now there is just a sore that needs to heal but there was no more pus and my arm was no longer swollen.

+ Buzz and Woody had another visit this week and as we were loading the boys back into the van she thanked us for watching her boys while she couldn’t. ❤️ I don’t know what I was expecting when it came to birth parent interactions but we have really had the best case scenario.

+ Wednesday marked seven weeks with Buzz and Woody and it was also the first day I didn’t feel completely overwhelmed and anxious in seven weeks.

+ Woody was really clingy to me this week. It was the first time he really preferred me, previously he would go to anyone who would hold him and this week he refused other people in order for me to hold him. It’s a really good sign but man, is it tiring!

+ Raeca and I went shopping one evening this week. All of a sudden I realized she had pretty much grown out of all her clothes so we desperately needed to do some shopping. We just went to Walmart and got her a shirt to wear as pajama shirt, two long sleeve shirts and two pairs of leggings for around $30. I know Walmart is not the best place to shop but I really can’t justify spending $30 on one shirt at some other stores for clothes she is going to grow out of so fast.


Week in Review


+ I feel like my social media fast is going really well. The only thing I have missed so far is reading the Strange Planet comics each day, on the bright side I am going to have a lot to catch up on in January.

+ Ephraim was sick with a cold and intermittent fevers this weekend. He always gets a bad cough when he gets one, thankfully he hasn’t had tonsillitis this year yet (and no seizures with the fevers), I’m hoping he’s grown out of that. As a result I went to church with Raeca and Woody (I left Buzz behind because I couldn’t deal with both boys in church without Jared and Buzz was the easier one to leave behind).

+ Sunday night Raeca and I went to watch/listen to a Christmas choir which both my Mom and Jared’s Mom and sister were in. It felt easy to just have Rae along and not be chasing boys down.




Ephraim to Buzz: “Can you stop following me everywhere?!”

Too funny because Ephraim has a tendency to do the very same thing to other people! Ephraim has an Ephraim!


Me: “Buzz, can you say ‘pirate’?”
Buzz: *nods* “Whup-bunny.”

Nailed it.


Only one more week in review before Christmas! Yikes!

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