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vintage wooden ladder redo

In the summer Jared and I went a little crazy with making things and doing some furniture updates. So far I’ve shared the school desk we turned into a chalkboard desk, and the ombre dresser that we retrieved from the local thrift store and now resides in our entrance but there are still a few things we did that I haven’t shared yet!

This one is possibly my favorite one of the summer. We happened to see a garage sale sign as we were leaving our house one day and decided to stop in (although our garage was already full of projects by this point), but boy, am I glad we did! We got a great wooden chair for $5 and an amazing wooden ladder for a steal at $2, yeah that’s right, $2!!!

I kind of loved the ladder the way it was, especially knowing the guy was still using it as his primary ladder, I didn’t know wooden ones were still in use! But I knew I wanted to update it a bit so I took some blue paint that I bought from Restore, (it’s a mistint so I don’t really know the actual color) and once it was dry I wanted to bring back some of the vintage look so I brushed it with some stain (my method with staining over paint is to brush on a little portion at a time and then use a wet rag to go back and remove most of the stain, so it pretty much just leaves the stain that is in the cracks, giving it a nice vintage touch). It was nice because the stain I used is one that I bough a while back but didn’t really like the way it looked on plain wood but it works great for the stain over paint technique (if anyone cares to know the exact stain I used I can dig through my garage and find out the name).

It was a really simple project, painting (and then staining) into all the nooks took a little while but it was worth it. Without further ado:

Don’t you want to know what I did with this beauty? I would have loved to keep her, but we don’t have the space for it, so I ended up selling it locally for a nice profit (which means more money towards our adoption!). I definitely have my eye out for more of these ladders in the future, I think they would look so good repainted into different colors.

Out of all my furniture redo’s I think this one was one of my absolute favorites! I’ll make sure to share the rest of the ones we did soon!


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