Thirty-Four Birthday Goals

    Well, today I turn another year older. I’m not really big on birthday celebrations. I usually like pick what I want to eat and go on a bit of a local-ish adventure. Other than that I often spend the few weeks leading up to my birthday thinking of goals for the next year. Back when I turned twenty-six (a lifetime ago!) I started making a list of goals based on my age. I like doing this larger list of goals because it forces me to be a bit creative and my list ends up including a number of quick and easy ones, some practical ones and some I need to…


    My Goals for 33

    Since my birthday was nearly two months ago I figured this would be a good time to share my goals for the year. I like to set goals each year at the beginning of the year and around my birthday, though I always go for a longer list of goals on my birthday and generally include some simple ones and some that I probably won’t reach. I like to dream big and imagine possibilities and I like my goals to reflect that. Though, apparently if I take two months to actually share my goals some are completed or in the process of and some I’ve already decided to change or…

  • A Simplified Birthday Bucket List


    For the past few years I’ve created an annual bucket list around my birthday with items that I’d like to accomplish or attempt before my next birthday comes around. I’ve corresponded the number on the list with the number I am turning; last year I turned twenty-nine so I created a list of twenty-nine things to do while I was twenty-nine (easy enough, right?). This has served me well for the last few years but this time I knew I wanted something different, something simpler. For the past couple of years I have been a journey of learning (and often re-learning) how to live a more simple life and this year I…


    Twenty-Nine Things

    Here it is, the last year of my twenties! As usual I’ve got a few things I’d like to accomplish this year (you can also check out my lists for twenty-six, twenty-seven and twenty-eight). I love this quote I came across in a Dee Henderson book a few months back and it really hit home: “she doesn’t waste her life. she just lives it.” Living life is what I’m aiming for. On to the list for this year: 1. get professional family photos done 2. order photo books for 2013, 2014 & South Africa 3. decorate our master bedroom (and get a new bed since Jared broke ours) 4. continue our now-annual…


    Twenty-Eight Things – Final Update

    And just like that another year has come and gone. Next week marks my entrance into the final year of my twenties. For the last few years I’ve been making a list around my birthday of things I’d like to accomplish throughout the year. I purposely put some easy items on so I can cross them off as well as some that I doubt I will get to but I like to dream 🙂 Before I share this years list of twenty-nine things I thought I’d share how last years list of twenty-eight things went: 1. travel to South Africa and complete our adoption – boo yeah! you can read…


    twenty-eight things

    Next week marks my twenty-eighth birthday. As has been my tradition for the last few years, I’ve written a list of twenty-eight things I would like to accomplish this year. You can also check out last years list of twenty-seven things and my list of twenty-six things. I’ll be posting an update to let you know how I did on the twenty-seven things later next week, and if you are curious how the year of being twenty-six was for me you can see my final update for that one. My list of twenty-eight things: travel to South Africa and complete our adoption (please, please, please let this happen!) have professional photos…