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sagittal craniosynostosis – another post-surgery update

I was hoping this would be my final post-surgery update but alas, it seems as though there will be one more.

Last week Raeca had another post-surgery appointment with the neurosurgeon (she had one at 6 weeks post-op, then 6 months, and now at 2 years which is 15 months post-op).  (I also wrote a post at one year post-op)

At her 6 month post-op appointment back in January the doctor said if all went well at this appointment it would be her last one and while things seemed to go well at the appointment he does want to see her again in another year.

Horsey rides while waiting for the doctor . . .

At each appointment the neurosurgeon measures her head, feels it to make sure it is healing okay and checks to see if her soft spots are closed. Raeca’s head is healing well but the growth rate has slowed down a little, apparently not enough to concern him but he wants to make sure in a year that it has grown enough. And her soft spots are still open a bit, they are apparently open less than 1 cm which is good, it’s down from the 1/2 inch it was at in January.

He did give us the option to just measure her head a year from now and send him the measurements as opposed to coming in for an appointment but I like the reassurance of him checking her over and doing the measurements so one more appointment it is.

Of course they always ask about her development and my normally talkative child stops talking as soon as the doctor walks in and makes me look like a liar when I say she talks a lot. I think he still believed us though. 🙂

So that’s where we are at. So far so good and hopefully still good a year from now!

Side note: I get a lot of traffic to my blog from people searching about sagittal craniosynostosis, if you have any questions about the condition or the surgery I would be happy to answer them, or if you have a story you would like to share I would love to read it.

with love,

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  1. That’s wonderful to hear that Raeca is doing well! It must be a huge relief to know that everything looks good now. Hugs, Fiona

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